The Best FinTech and Digital Banking Newsletters

The FinTech and digital banking business are fast-paced, so staying up to date on what's going on isn't always simple. Everything from podcasts to newsletters helps.

Newsletters, in my opinion, are an excellent way to stay up to date on what's going on in that industry. 

So, aside from my own newsletters, here's a list of FinTech and digital banking newsletters that I recommend:

Fintech Business Weekly by Jason Mikula

Jason Mikula has a lot of credentials -  a Masters's degree from the University of Chicago, a VP of Product Management position at Marcus (Goldman Sachs), and other fintech expertise in the loan and AI field. Although this newsletter is relatively new, previous editions have delivered incisive commentary on a variety of topics.

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Aika Ussenova

Aika does an in-depth analysis of fintech companies and trends. She is fascinated with fintech and wants to understand more about it; writing helps her in this endeavor. She most recently worked for Monzo Bank in London. Her expertise is in finance, planning, and strategy.

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FinTech Brainfood by Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor, co-founder, and Head of Ventures at 11:FS has been blogging on the 11:FS’ site for years. For someone who is among the most influential thought leaders on distributed ledger technology, the new blog appears to be more focused on the world of neobanks and banking as a service.

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The FinTech Blueprint by Lex Sokolin

Sokolin produces short and long takes, as well as podcasts. Few newsletters go into as much detail as this one does. Sokolin delves into the impact of emerging technologies, how Big Tech is reshaping industries, the emergence of super apps, the prospects for decentralized finance, and much more.

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An overview of the most important fintech businesses and stories, as well as their relationship to broader European trends. Out every Tuesday.

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Andreessen Horowitz FinTech newsletter

Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz are two of the most powerful personalities in the worlds of technology and finance. They have a lot of newsletters together, but I definitely suggest their Fintech-focused one. The pair offers fascinating insights into the banking, cryptocurrency, and finance sector.

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FinTech.Finance daily newsletter

Fintech Finance aims to deliver the best episodes, interviews, and event coverage possible, covering the whole spectrum of financial services subjects, from branches to blockchain. Their newsletter is a roundup of all of it.

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The Finanser by Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner is well known for his blog, the, which serves as an independent financial market observer. Every week, he compiles a detailed review of the most important fintech stories and topics.

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I also have several newsletters that might be worth checking:

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